Daniel J. Downer is an award-winning community advocate and organizer with a long history of advocating for Black and Brown LGBTQ+ and social movements in Central Florida. Through his work with various community initiatives and organizations, he has led community conversations on and facilitated community education campaigns specifically addressing health equity, HIV, and LGBTQ+ issues.

Daniel currently serves as the Executive Director of The Bros in Convo Initiative, a community organization in Orlando educating and empowering young Black gay, bisexual, queer, and same gender loving men. Daniel has guided the organization to become one of Central Florida's leading organizations while providing energy, leadership, and vision in the fulfillment of the mission of the organization,which is to provide comprehensive health education, STI prevention linkage, and peer support to Black gay, bisexual, queer, and same gender loving men in Central Florida communities that are affected or impacted by health disparities.


In acknowledgment of his commitment to health and social equity; Daniel was honored by GLAAD as a 2018 Rising Star Award honoree, in 2019 The Red Door Foundation Leadership Achievement Award, and in 2020 The Demetrick Brown Humanitarian Award by Metro Inclusive Health and Watermark's Most Remarkable Person in Central Florida.


Emory COMPASS Coordinating Center

"Daniel is amazing! His ability to translate complex concepts and dynamic storytelling truly helped our grantee partners in identifying ways to reach the next level"

"Daniel is such a beautiful spirit and his insight on meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion is vital to any organization looking to develop their DEI policies and practices."

Central Florida Foundation

"Daniel is an excellent resource for any and everyone; his ability to crystallize a personalized action plan and provide feedback for us was invaluable."


Electronic Arts

"We love Daniel! We are extremely energized by session today and plan to use the strategies learned to enhance our company."

Human Rights Campaign

"Daniel is amazing at what he does. He is informative, fun and engaging; and his spirit is beautiful. He is truly an inspiration."

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