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Over 100 trainings and workshops provided to businesses, institutions, and organizations including but not limited to:



Below are some of my most requested trainings and workshops. All trainings and workshops can be customized and delivered as an in-person or virtual presentation up to 60 minutes or workshops up to 90+ minutes.​ 

  1. Born This Way: Leverage Your LGBTQ+ Identity for Workplace Success

  2. Cultural Competency 101: The Business Impact

  3. Follow the Arc: Leverage Diverse Teams to Build a Profitable Culture of Inclusion

  4. Growing Business Through Understanding Cultures

  5. I Will Survive: An Intersectional Exploration of LGBTQ+ History

  6. Just The Way You Are: An Inclusive Language Series

  7. Over The Rainbow: Tools to Be An Authentic LGBTQ+ Ally

  8. The ARC Method: Ask Better Questions to be an Intentional Ally

  9. Voices Carry: Everyone's Role as an Ally in the Workplace

  10. What's Going On: An Introduction to Antiracism

Contact me to learn more about my facilitation services.

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